keynote speaker sydneyDavid Caruso CSI – Keynote Speaker Sydney

If you are looking for a dynamic keynote speaker for your Sydney event – you can’t go past David Caruso CSI Keynote Speaker Sydney.

David combines a mix of humour, education and entertainment, to deliver high impact business and marketing education to your audience.

“He is one of the best marketing speakers in Australia” Herbert J Field

What does the CSI stand for?

David believes as a successful keynote speaker, he is hired to deliver three (3) main objectives for his audience. Those three objectives can be summarised as CSI:-

  1. C – Stands for Challenge – His main priority in all his presentations is to challenge his audience, make them question if they are applying the right business or marketing principles in their everyday business.
  2. S – Stands for Spark – Often when an entrepreneurial mind is challenged, it leads to a more open mind. And this is the great time to do the second thing David is there to do, and that is simply to Spark new ideas.
  3. I – Stands for Inspire – In David’s own words “it doesn’t matter how much great information I share with you today (& and it is gong to be great information) – it is worth nothing to you if you fail to do anything with it”. So inspiring and motivating the audience to take action is David’s third and final objective.

David has been a professional keynote speaker in Sydney for over 5 years and has delivered numerous breakfasts, lunches, and dinner addresses.

Have him speak at your event today.

keynote speaker sydney

Keynote Speaker Sydney