How Much are Speakers Fees for a Dynamic Business Presenter ?

Professional Speaker Rates & Fees | Motivational Speaker David Caruso

Keynote and motivational speakers fees vary as much as house prices … from a downtrodden old fibro clad house in a less then desirable suburb to a new mansion in a high profile area.

With that said, there are some guidelines and price ranges that can get you started.

This brief post might not have the answers for all of your questions about speakers fees, but it should at least be a good starting point in you finding the right speaker for your event at the price you have budgeted.

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One of the biggest questions asked is ‘Do motivational speakers charge by the hour?

In a nutshell the answer is …. NO.

When the speaker has been booked for an event, the difference between speaking for 25 minutes or 90 minutes isn’t that important, considering the preparation the speaker undertakes and the travel time associated.

When David is booked for your event, his fees is generally the same regardless of the amount of time he speaks.

Thus keep in mind, when you hire a professional speaker you have bought their time whether or not you use it all.