While it may be 2015 and most of us are well-immersed in the age of new technology, but is your event?

Are you truly a modern event planner?

Below is a list of popular attributes that all successful event planners should have.

If you’re stuck in the past and you’re no longer getting the same amount of customers as before, then keep on reading, if you want to bring yourself and your event back to the future!

A Successful Event Planner Is An Effective Communicator

Communication with your customers is crucial when it comes to event management.

If you want to increase the numbers of customers at your event, how you communicate will determine how many bums on seats you get.

According to David Caruso who has been a leading events organizer for over 20 years, stated good corporate event organizers should have the capabilities to be able to communicate at all levels with both groups and individuals

A Successful Event Planner Builds Relationships

In order to get customers to come to your next event, the leading event organizers are able to build solid and genuine working relationships with all of those involved within the event process, regardless of how minor their contribution is.

All people like to feel needed; just a word of encouragement can go a long way.

Furthermore customers place a great deal of trust in event organizers; therefore it is crucial that they have a genuine working relationship.

In order to create such a relationship, an event’s organizer needs to be a professional at all times and act with total integrity in every situation.

They should be friendly, easy to talk to, and most importantly is a person that people want to work with.