You have a large event coming up, perhaps a large workplace meeting or convention, or a sales presentation, or even a retreat for your employees and staff, and you need an event key note speaker.., you’re just not sure who.

Do you want a funny event speaker, someone who can bring a chuckle from the audience, or how about a big name guest speaker, like an athlete, a celebrity, or an author?

Or do you want your event speaker to be a great motivator? Perhaps you want a little bit of everything….

How To Choose The Right Key Note Speakers For Your Event

First off, you must recognize exactly what kind of event speaker you need. A thorough knowledge of the needs of your group is essential in selecting the right event speaker, as well as choosing some with the necessary charisma and charm.

Does your meeting require that the audience to leave with specific or technical information? Do you need a motivational speaker to talk to potential salesmen? Are you looking for an after-dinner emcee?

A Well Know Key Note Speaker Might Not Be Right

A well-known name does not guarantee a professional presentation; remember that a well-prepared, on-topic host works much better than an overpaid celebrity endorser who may not know your business or event needs.

If you are selecting a motivational event speaker you must understand that your reputation is riding on their performance. Their experience with hundreds of audiences can add to your peace of mind and to the success of the event.

A well-known name in the field of event speakers will also add a certain amount of flair to your event. Ask for references and, if they are speaking in your area, ask if you can attend the event and observe them in action.

Youtube and other video websites will likely have videos of your potential speaker.

Important Considerations

When selecting your key note speaker, consider that you are not only paying for the time they are on the stage but also for the hours spent researching, preparing and customizing their presentation to meet your particular needs.

By far the most effective style of presenting almost every kind of subject matter to any kind of audience is by telling them a story. Your event speaker should be engaging, articulate, well-groomed and most of all, well-informed about the subject matter they are presenting.

Event speaking is an art; make sure the event speaker you choose is a true artist and someone you’d be proud to represent your company and your event.