8 steps to consider before hiring a keynote speaker

1) How can I preview a keynote speaker before hiring?

The easiest way of previewing speakers is to visit their site.

2) What are the usual costs I can anticipate when I hire a keynote speaker?

Normal expenses include the speaking fee, audio visual expenses, train or air travel, meals accommodation, ground transportation, and incidentals such as tips.

3) How can I save money on keynote speaker’s travel?

Try to book speakers who live closer to the venue. If you need to book accommodation for one of your speakers, make it in close proximity to the event.

4) Where can I find affordable keynote speakers?

Ask other event organisers or work colleagues on their recommendations on which speakers are both good and reasonably priced. In addition a Google search can also help you find affordable speakers.

5) What happens if my keynote speaker has to cancel because of an emergency?

In the worst case scenario that your speaker cancels for whatever reason, it is always practical to have a plan b in place. Have it written into the speakers’ contracts that as a part of their contractual obligation they have to cover for another speaker if required.

6) How are keynote speaking fees determined?

Speaking fees are usually formed on the basis of how well known the speaker is. Keynote presentations are normally priced less than half-day or full-day presentations.

Those speakers who live closer to the event are normally less expensive due to lower travel cost.

Moreover the length of the presentation and if the speaker is being asked to participate after the event in group workshops are other factors, that will determine the total cost that you will for a speaker.

7) Is it possible to audio or video tape the presentation?

Most speakers will allow you to record with no additional charge. However it is important to make your requests known before the speaker does his/her presentation

8) Will the keynote speaker attend special VIP events?

The majority of speakers will agree to attend a special event with no additional charge, but some will not.

You should make your requests known in advance and include this in the contractual obligation.