You have a function planned and you are looking for a guest speaker to invigorate the audience and get them enthused, but how do you go about choosing the right one from all the guest speakers available for hire?

Finding The Right Guest Speaker

Finding a good guest speaker is not an easy task and there are many things to take into consideration; speaking fee, their experience, their reputation, and most importantly of all, their ability to grab the audience and be heard!

One way to get started is by making a list of the personality characteristics your dream guest speaker would have.

Should they be witty and able to bring plenty of laughs?

Do you prefer someone who can motivate the troops? Do you need a guest speaker who will fill the seats, as in a famous name?

How about ALL of these traits and more? The right guest speaker should be able to fill whatever role you seek for him, and keep the audience entertained.

Guest Speakers For Hire – Don’t be afraid to aim high!

By the time all these considerations have been taken into account you should have a good idea of the type of guest speaker you need.

Your selection list should include 4 or 5 names and by this time it will be time to have actual meetings, preferably in person but telephone and video conferences calls can also work.

Feel your potential speaker out; do they have what it takes to keep a roomful of people smiling and interested in what they has to say? Do they exude confidence?

Do they have a certain aura, a magnetic personality which just seems to draw people towards them?

You should have this figured out after just a few minutes of meeting your potential guest speaker; use your gut, and if he or she seems to be the perfect fit and will work at a fee within your budget, then congratulations, you have found your speaker!

Finding a qualified guest speaker is a challenge, but one you should come to enjoy. It’s important that you are organized and well prepared as this will only help your speaker do his job. Most importantly don’t worry and try to enjoy yourself; the interviewing process is half the fun, and once you have selected your guest speaker you will be happy to sit down with them and plan your event.

Bottom line; select a guest speaker you have confidence in, who comes with strong recommendations and someone you personally look forward to listen too!