sydney conference speakerLooking for a Sydney Conference Speaker for your next event?

If you are looking for a dynamic conference speaker for your Sydney event – you can’t go past David Caruso CSI Conference Speaker Sydney.

David delivers a mix of light humour, education and entertainment, to deliver a high impact business and marketing lesson to your audience.

“He is one of the best Australian business speakers” Herbert J Field

What does the CSI stand for?

David believes as a successful conference speaker, he is hired to deliver to your audience three (3) main objectives.

Those three objectives are summarised as CSI:-

1.     C – Stands for Challenge – David’s priority in his presentations, is to challenge the audience. Not in a confrontational manner, but simply by making them question if they are applying the right business or marketing principles in their everyday activities.
2.    S – Stands for Spark – Often when an entrepreneurial mind has been challenged, their creative mind opens. And this is the best time to do the second thing David is there to do, and that is to help the audience spark new ideas for their business.
3.    I – Stands for Inspire – In David’s own words “it doesn’t matter how much great information I share today, it is worth nothing to you if you fail to put it into action”. So ensuring the audience is full of motivation is David’s third and final objective.

David has been a professional conference speaker in Sydney for over 5 years and has delivered numerous breakfasts, lunches, and dinner addresses.

Have him as your next conference speaker today.
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