Keynote speakers are not generally categorised by type. Some common keynote speaker types include: business, expert, motivational and humorous.

Keynote speakers, as the name would advocate, are very significant to the setting in which they are speaking. The designation of keynote speaker regularly means there are others that are speaking before them.

The last spot on the speaking schedule will be reserved for the keynote speaker, who is thought to be the best and is the person everyone is there to see.

Motivational keynote speakers are those who use diverse psychological methods to relate to the audience.

They will then explain to the audience what they need to do and why they should do it. A motivational keynote speaker is popular at business conventions and organizations where getting the members rallied and excited about what they do is a key to success.

Expert keynote speakers are those that have detailed knowledge in their area of expertise, beyond that of most of their colleagues. This is because many speakers often speak to other knowledgeable people in their chosen field. As a result they should know what they are talking about.

It is however rare to find such speakers, due to being in high demand and because of requesting a high speaking fee. Expert keynote speakers are usually seen at business conventions, academic conferences, business workshops and training seminars.

Other keynote speakers for example humorous keynote speakers may use a hybrid approach, and can be used as motivational speakers.

Only a few keynote speakers will strictly use humor just for humor’s sake. It is uncommon for any convention or organization, which wants to get more out of a speaking engagement than simple entertainment, would be keen to employ a speaker simply for such purposes.

Consequently, humorous speakers often must find a larger purpose to serve in their speech making.

A professional keynote speaker could want thousands of dollars, even for a speech that lasts less than an hour. Occasionally, it may be conceivable to get a keynote speaker for free.

In such circumstances, it is still customary to pay for the speaker’s travel overheads, and any meals that may be eaten while at the speaking location.

Keynote and motivational speakers can be employed to emcee an event such as a conference, corporate gathering or seminar.