Under the Spam Act, potential penalties of up to $1.1 million per day may be imposed on any business by the Federal Court.

Are you or your employees accidentally spamming? Spamming is not about sending thousands upon thousands of unsolicited emails.

Your business could be classed a spammer if an employee sends ONE (1) solitary email, a single SMS, MMS message or instant message.


The Consequences are Damning

By inadvertently spamming you and your business could incur expensive penalties that would send most business owners to the wall.

A small business owner in Perth recently faced the full consequences of contravening the Spam Act. In 2006 Clarity 1 Pty Ltd was fined $4.5 million and its Managing Director also fined $1 million.

The governing body, Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has also recently fined the Pitch Entertainment Group, $11,000 for extensive breaches of the Spam Act – Pitch Entertainment Group sent commercial electronic messages to mobile phones without a functional unsubscribe facility.

International Machinery Parts Pty Ltd $4,400 for breaches of the Spam Act – IMP Mobile failed to provide a functional unsubscribe facility when sending messages to mobile phones.

Best Buy Australia $4,400 infringement for breaching the Spam Act by sending commercial electronic messages without the consent of the recipient.

Non-compliance with the Spam Act could prove costly for businesses and their owners particularly to a small business working on tight margins.

Mr. Chapman of the ACMA said, “…… all businesses sending commercial electronic messages must make sure that they and their staff fully understand the requirements of the Spam Act.

In mass marketing campaigns, with their potential to create significant inconvenience, or indeed hardship, on consumers, ignorance of the law is not an acceptable defence.”

“ACMA expects all businesses, irrespective of their size, to have the necessary processes in place to ensure that all their e-marketing activity is compliant,” Mr. Chapman added.

The Good News

Penalties can easily be avoided by taking the time to understand the fundamentals of compliance with the Act.

But like any Government Act, the Spam Act 2003 is written in complex legal and jargoned manner that needs a lawyer or suitably qualified legal representative to decipher.

The Must Know Guide to the SP@M Act 2003 eBook is your simple guide to understanding the complexities of the Spam Act 2003.

The authors have taken great lengths to provide you the information in simple to understand and read language that you can make sense of and execute in your business. The consequence of not doing so could be disastrous. Thus I encourage you to fully understand your legal requirements to the Spam Act and comply with them rigorously.

A simple an inexpensive investment of $37 could save you and your business – from being put out of business.

At only $37, The SP@M eBook in plain everyday language could be the most significant investment you make in your businesss this year.

We also recommend that you have every staff member read this eBook and sign off that they have done so. We a have purposely left the a page blank and full of lines for that purpose.

This signed document could possibly assist you and your business if an employee does not comply or ACMA contact you about any breaches.

The Must Know Guide to the SP@M Act 2003 – $37.00 Investment