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online marketing speakerIntroducing Professional Online Marketing Speaker – David Caruso

Looking for a professional Online Marketing Speaker for your next conference or convention?

David Caruso will captivate and entertain your audience whilst delivering great educational online marketing content that the audience will be able to implement in their business immediately.

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Expert Advice From Online Marketing Speaker – David Caruso

3 Resources to Provide Growth To Your Business

“Numbers never lie. Utilising data can help an online marketing campaign succeed,” says expert online marketing presenter David Caruso

Not every content marketing campaign is solely based on increased immediate sales, but they are still aimed at an end goal of increased revenue.

Some companies will drive traffic to their e-commerce websites hoping visitors will make an immediate purchase. Other businesses have the goal of capturing the name and email address of the visitor which they will use to in future marketing campaigns, in order to generate long-term revenue.

Whatever the objective, information gained from implementing these three data resources can help improve a marketing campaign’s performance.

Website Analytic Data

Website analytics show information on each visitor to the site. It provides details regarding geographical location, website navigation, referral path, and the amount of time spent on the website.

This information can help to pinpoint problems with a website. Little time and low interaction would suggest that the website content is not appealing to the consumer. Usually, just a small change in the layout or even a ‘call-to-action’ can significantly improve the quality of the campaign.

Paid Search Marketing Data

PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns can be either a waste of time and money or very successful. This depends on how the campaign data is used. Throwing up ads and uploading keywords without thought will spell disaster. You have to learn to walk before sprinting.

The best idea is to start small and test a wide range of ads and remove the poor performers. Test different variations of text as well. Concentrating on quality scores also helps to lower the cost per click.

Using a small amount of keywords per ad group pinpoints accurate data, quickly showing the winners. Once you have this data, you will know where to focus your money and efforts.

But remember, leaving your campaign to run on autopilot can be suicide. Always make sure to constantly nurture to ensure growth.

Email Marketing Data

Most online marketing campaigns are aimed to collect the consumer’s email address. These are then used later on for direct marketing.

AWeber is a tool that provides detailed information on each email message and broadcast that is sent out. Details could include: did the customer open the email or did the customer click on URL’s within the email body?

Having this information allows you to see if your methods need to be tweaked. Maybe changes to the titles of the email or the way your URL links are needed.

The information provided by these resources may seem to be very basic on the outside, but they are extremely valuable to any online marketing campaign once they are analyzed and used correctly.

David was absolutely wonderful – he is a very insightful and engaging professional speaker. Just what we needed in a speaker!

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Would hire him again – no questions

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.… David has had rave reviews from all our clients

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