Hiring a professional business motivational speaker under $5000 can be challenging.

There are many celebrated speakers whose fees are above $50 000 for a single presentation. For an event organiser that can be difficult to justify within the budget.

When working with David Caruso, a professional motivational speaker for over 10 years, he works to keep his speaking fees reasonable while offering both great takeaways and loads of motivation from his presentations.

Why doesn’t David show his speaking fees on his website?

Because every motivational speaking engagement is different.

  • Some event organisers just want a 25 minute facilitated networking event – an energy filled kick off to a meeting; something that can be orchestrated with minimal preparation.
  • Whilst other meeting planners want a dynamic session that addresses some of their internal business challenges. A business speaking engagement such as this might involve a pre-session survey and interviews.
  • Some groups request multiple speaking sessions or a keynote speaker who will also conduct a breakout session.
  • David has worked with business organisations developing specifically customised training programs which can take many weeks and months to develop.
  • Some events want the session recorded.
  • Some speaking programs require multiple travel days and lay overs.

All all in all there are many, many variations on the simple request of hiring a motivational speaker.

Every meeting and event organiser is looking for the best motivational speaker within their budget.

As a business keynote presenter, most of David’s keynote presentations are under $5000 and he works hard to help his clients get the best return on investment for their money.

If you are looking to hire a motivational speaker under $5000, contact David today for a no obligation speaking fee quote!  Call us today at +61 2 8007 3350 or complete our quick contact form here.

Demystifying Keynote Speaker Fees & Costs

Usually a keynote speakers costs and fees are a closely guarded secret as they often do not share their keynote speaking rates openly.

Thus here is a short overview of keynote speakers rates and what to expect.

A keynote speakers fee is generally based on what their time is valued. With that said most event and conference speaking fees will fall into a certain range as listed below.

QUICK NOTE:If you work with a speaker’s agency, you would certainly be expecting to pay x2-3 times the speaker fee you would pay if you talked to the speaker directly.

Free keynote speaker.

You can get a free keynote speaker to speak for no fees,especially if they are a new speaker without much experience. The only other reason a professional speaker might speak for free, is if the conference or event is local & convenient for them.

Keynote speaker travel costs.

Not far removed from the free speaker situation outlined above, a keynote speaker can often be hired for just the cost of their travel arrangements (hotel + flight). This is a common arrangement if the event speaker is new or is able to benefit from the event in some other way in lieu of the event speaking fee.

Often, event or conference organizers will offer a flat amount for the hotel/flight, leaving it to the event speaker to co-ordinate the travel themselves.  A keynote speaker travel fee offer might start at around $500 and go up to a few thousand dollars for international speaking engagements.

Keynote Speaker $500 – $1750

A keynote speaker charge in this price range would usually apply to small conferences or non-profit events.

It is considered a small speaking fee, but if the conference speaker really wants to participate in the event, it can be enough to get them to present.  If travel costs are included, this presenters fee range can guarantee a modest number of the not yet famous keynote speakers in the marketplace.

Keynote Speaker $1500 – $3500

Not unlike the previous category, this speakers price range is still modest for an experienced and professional keynote presenter. An event speaker you would secure at this range would likely be a professional speaker with slightly less accomplishments or experience.

You might get lucky in securing a presenter who speaks for a living and needs the speaking job.

If you are co-ordinating a small conference, meeting or event, this modest fee is acceptable, especially if you cover travel costs for the speaker.

Keynote Speaker $3000 – $5000

Many very good keynote speakers will accept this fee even though it will be below their ask.  This is real money for the majority of speakers out there.

Keynote Speaker $5000 – $7500

This would be the everyday price range for top keynote speakers – professional presenters who have given numerous keynote speeches previously and/or have renowned career achievements.

Keynote Speaker $7500 – $10 000

Major conferences and business events regularly pay professional keynote speakers within this price range.
For this fee they will secure a seasoned and professional keynote speaker who will deliver an outstanding presentation usually tailored to the conference or event’s audience.

Keynote Speaker $10 000 – $25 000

This is generally the range for celebrity speakers. A celebrity speaker is usually a household name or industry experts that are big draws for the niche market in question. It makes economic sense to pay this speaking fee especially if you are looking to draw in a paying audience.

Keynote Speaker $25 000 – $50 000

The top celebrity speakers’ fees are in this price range. Typically, an event organiser paying a fee of this amount would do so because the keynote speaker in question will be a drawcard for extra ticket sales that would exceed the amount of the speaker fee.

Keynote Speaker $50 000+

Interested in hiring Richard Branson? Bill Clinton?  Donald Trump?  You’ve found your range.