Five Tips to Make Your Conference The Best One Ever

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All of us would like our conferences to turn out successfully.

After all the work and time spent arranging the day perfectly, everyone wants to make sure their event will be memorable and hopes for it to become a recurring one.

Here are five tips for planning a conference that will make yours memorable!

1 – Try using short videos to promote your event

Have all your guest speakers make short promotional videos for your conference and use them to promote it beforehand.

If you are able to do an inspection of the site in advance, make a few small videos to advertise all the venue’s, the location’s, and the region’s features, i.e., the food, the entertainment, and the other amazing facilities.

Post your videos on Youtube and Vimeo to gather plenty of attention.

2 – Take care

Appearing like an amateur can ruin your entire conference.

Eager sponsors always want more to get back more for their buck in our troubled times, and this can make the planning part of a conference of central importance.

Try getting your MC or event facilitator to interview sponsors on a couch on-stage instead of letting them take center stage which can turn your event into a tedious or even flog-like experience.

The wrong or right business conference speakers is able to make or break your conference, so it’s best to get coaching for them and and to ensure you get to see their slide deck for yourself well in advance of the event.

Take a look at the “TED commandments for speakers” for many great tips for up and coming speakers – less text and more pics, for one example.

3 – Use technology and find tech team to volunteer

Some of your oldest conference goers will have a smartphone but will not know how to use it well!

To help them you can arrange for some of the younger guests to show them how to use apps like Facebook, Twitter, Trip-It, or Linked-in.

You can even give your volunteer “tech team” badges or t-shirts and set up a table as a help desk with a few phone chargers on hand.

Also you can set up a picturesque spot for photo opps with a large conference sign or a celebrity speaker and you will get tons of guests taking pics and promoting your event for you online.

4: Use star power

The best way to make your conference flourish, establish your brand, and attract more guests is to invite a celebrity speaker.

Well known speakers can attract a lot of media attention and social media mentions in order to get the message out.

There are a number of smart and creative ways to afford a famous speaker, such as putting on a VIP luncheon or other event, or even simply by finding a sponsor.

Have a talk with your ICMI consultant to learn more.

5: Door prizes

Your guests will love anything they can get for free, and the majority of professional speakers will be willing to offer prizes, for example an e-book or webinar as a follow-up to the ideas delivered in their speech.

Try asking your speakers for some prizes like this or other giveaways or extras to see what they come up with.

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