What Do You Expect From An Inspiring Conference Speaker?

Hiring Conference Speaker

Hiring an inspiring conference speaker is not an easy task. The requirements for hiring speakers has changed considerably in the socially-technological world we live in. When hiring an excellent conference speaker, here is what to look for.

In the previous years, choosing the right speakers used to be very easy. All you needed was to look for the known traits like fluency, personality, aura and narrative.

These features, though still very valid, are not enough to satisfy the ever-changing nature of the crowds requirements. There is more that attendees want from a conference. Finding the right speaker that would meet your audience expectation is not as easy as it used to be.

More technology, participation, interactivity that conference professionals around the world get this clear message about their sessions. Their sessions should not be boring, low-technological, and frontal.

There are three clear trends that I believe redefines the requirements for selecting a speaker. These are

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Our consumption of events is strongly impacted by social media. For this reason, attendees demand someone who is strongly and punctually present on social media.


Most conference sessions now demand a smart use of technology that would help solve issues at the right time.


Audience require a session where they can take part and interact with their peer group. Frontal sessions, in this case, would be seriously boring.

The Inspiring Conference Speaker

The following signs can make the difference if you are in search of a speaker for your upcoming event. If you come across a speaker who possesses at least one of them, then you can be sure that the person you have found has a clear understanding of the changing nature of events making a bet for your event and attendees a safe one.

– Instrumental To A Significant Content

Content is an essential component of a conference. The main reason people will attend your conference is to get the content. An inspiring speaker will, therefore, stay within the confines of the content and obey it.

Social media has amplified events as places where people can acquire important content. A professional speaker will use the social media platform to provide visuals, videos and any other piece of content that will be discussed at your event.

Good speakers are aware of their roles as the protagonist of your event before and after the session.

– Engage With Mobile Apps

An inspiring conference speaker would first realize the need to become active and connect with the app before the event opening. Speakers who are wise will understand the session rating embedded in most apps hence having the audience engage earlier enough increases the chance of better rating.

Many attendees now talk about adoption of mobile apps in conferences. The speaker together with your staff should be people to grace your event mobile app. Your speaker should be the star of the show. They should be active, engage other attendees and apply it in full.

– Invigorate Interaction

Listening to one person for more than 45 minutes can be very boring. Speakers of this modern era understand that they do not only need to perform but are also supposed to moderate. They are aware of the significance of facilitating conversations and horizontal interactions.

Conference speaker knows that engaging attendees in group discussions enhance their critical thinking and transforms them into responsible learners. This leads to better attendees satisfaction.

– Understand Full The Audience

For a successful convention, you need to target your audience and the same applies to your speaker. These speakers may ask about the people attending the summit, their age group, job role, academic level and most importantly the education objective that is expected from the session and the event in overall.

Failure to take this into account while selecting your speaker will automatically lead to a boring content that no attendee would want to attend and pay for.

– Ask For The Audience Permission

It is necessary that Audience Response Systems (ARS) or polling get incorporated in your event presentations. It is thus necessary that the speaker you are going to select has prior knowledge of polling or ARS from their past presentations. Attendees in this modern era want to be involved thus it is necessary that the speaker asks about their opinions once in a while in the course of the presentation to enable them to digest the presented contents.

A good speaker would want to know if you have an ARS or if they should come with their own. They should also be fast to suggest the use of polling as an interaction and engagement means.

– Use Professionally Crafted Slides

We live in a modern world and everything including presentations ought to be modern. Speakers in this modern era know that it is important to use well-designed slides in conveying the message of the event.

– Know Their AV

Good conference speakers know exactly the kind of AV they would desire at the session. They should be proactive enough to ask about if the current technology is available to support the Q&A portion.

– Highly Experienced With Slides Presentation

You need to consider speakers who are involve in giving their presentations with the use of slides. A speaker who does the presentations with slides understands the significance of incorporating the slides and establishing a presence there.

– About The Payment

Conference speakers do a lot of research about the audience in preparation for the conference. They exerted big effort and are very committed to ensuring that the conference becomes successful. With this, it is rightful that these experts get paid.

– Active On Social Media

A top conference speaker who is active on social media networks and has a following is well and good. This is useful because it ensures that the speaker confidently delivers meaningful content.

Your Inspiring Conference Speaker

Need an impressive and inspiring conference speaker for your next event or conference? David Caruso, Australia’s Leading Business Marketing Speaker, is here to help you.

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I would not hesitate to work with David again, and in fact I’m actively looking to make that happen.

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