What Do You Expect From Hiring Event Speaker?

Hiring Event Speaker

Dynamic And Knowledgeable Speaker With Valuable Information

Hiring event speaker is not an easy task. In today’s socially-technological world, the requirements for someone hiring an event speaker have significantly changed. Here is what to consider when hiring excellent event speaker.

It used to be super-easy to choose the right speaker in previous years – all the qualities you would look for were well-known, including fluency, aura, personality, and narrative.

Still, these features are applicable today; however, they are not sufficient to give you the best event speaker. The nature of the audience has considerably changed. The attendees want more out from the event. Therefore, finding a good event speaker that satisfies the crowd’s expectation is not an easy task.

More participation, technology, interactivity ensure that professionals from all over the globe get clear messages from their event sessions. Therefore, these sessions should be frontal, free of boredom, and low-technology.

Here are three main trends that are redefining the requirements for choosing a speaker, as discussed below;


What we consume at events is strongly influenced by the social media. It is for these reasons that the audience that attends these events want someone with good social media presence as the event speaker.


Most event sessions demand the use of smart technology that allows for real-time solving of issues that arise.


Today’s audience wants a speaker that can interact with them at a peer level. Therefore, frontal sessions may be highly boring in this case.

Considerations In Hiring Event Speaker

Here are a few signs that can make a difference when looking for the speaker to grace your upcoming event. In this case, if you get a speaker with either of these qualities, then you have every reason to believe that you have the right person for your job. Someone that understands the changing nature of event speaking.

Contributes To Important Ideas

It is essential to communicate well the event’s subject matter. Remember, the main motivation for attending an event is the theme. The right speaker, therefore, needs to restrain themselves to the theme of the event.

With the social media, there has been an amplification of events. Making the audience to yearn for events as they are a source of great ideas. It is therefore, important for professional speakers to provide videos and other visual materials through this platform that may be discussed at the event.

In other words, professional speakers should be aware of the protagonist roles they play at events, both before and after these event sessions.

Has A Good Understanding Of The Audience

To hold a successful event, you and your speaker should understand your audience. To achieve this, the speaker may inquire about the nature of the audience, the age group, academic level, job, and the event’s educational objective.

Use Of Professionally Created Slides

Today’s modern world requires everything, even presentations to be modern. Therefore, modern speakers need to understand the importance of using modern and professional slides to make their presentations.

When selecting your event speaker, it is crucial to emphasise to someone whose interaction with your event audience involves the use of slide presentations. Speakers that are good in addressing the audience needs to understand the importance of incorporating slides in delivering meaningful content to their audience.

Have Good Social Media Presence

It is a good idea to settle for a speaker who commands a huge following on the social media and is actively involved in engaging their followers. A speaker with this quality delivers meaningful content to the audience with great confidence.

Invigorate Interaction

It can be very boring to listen to someone for more than 45 minutes. Therefore, speakers in the modern era should understand the need not just to perform but also moderate their performance. They, therefore, should incorporate horizontal interactions and conversations with the audience when addressing the audience.

A good speaker understands that having group discussions with the audience transforms them into responsive listeners and enhances their critical thinking. This is a recipe for better audience satisfaction.

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Professional speaker David Caruso will educate and entertain your audience. David is a dynamic, entertaining and knowledgeable speaker that delivers real world valuable information.

The combination of 27+ years of business experience, coupled with a straight talking attitude to making things happen, David’s energy on stage ensures your audience leaves feeling positive and ready to implement the information shared.

In every presentation, David makes sure to keep things interactive and entertaining, as to ensure the knowledge being shared is absorbed by the audience in an effective manner. Furthermore David keeps all of his presentations up to date and cutting edge.

Actionable Information, With A Slice of Humour!

Almost all of David’s sessions are centred around the ‘How To’ mentality of getting things done in business and marketing. All attendees genuinely have something of value to take away, and more importantly, to take action on.

Fully aware of the balance required to keep the audience informed and entertained at the same time, David delivers his keynotes and presentations in a light hearted manner and injects a little humour whenever possible.

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All training topics can be customised to your audience and come with a comprehensive workbook. If you need a professional speaker to your upcoming event, do not hesitate to get in touch with David Caruso. Surely, you will never regret having him in your event as a speaker!

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I recently organised a series of digital marketing workshops with David and audiences of time-poor small business owners.

To say their time spent with him was valuable is an understatement. Their post-workshop feedback forms rated his presentation at the very top end of the scale and for all the right reasons: his deep understanding of their business needs, his expertise in applying e-marketing techniques such as blogging and Google AdWords to help drive sales, and his friendly, interactive and humorous style.

I would not hesitate to work with David again, and in fact I’m actively looking to make that happen.

Stephen De Kalb

Business Enterprise Centre

David was absolutely wonderful – he is a very insightful and engaging professional speaker. Just what we needed in a speaker!

Adam Reid

News Limited

Would hire him again – no questions

Iain Campbell

Action Coaching

.… David has had rave reviews from all our clients

Peter Swat

Cumberland Courier Newspapers

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