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An Article By Guest Speaker David Caruso

“The days of a company relying solely on traditional advertising are gone,” says professional guest speaker David Caruso

These, every company, whether it’s a billion dollar organization or a SME, needs to begin investing in content as well. When your company creates a well thought-out content-marketing plan, you will see numerous benefits. Here is how a content marketing drives results for your small business.

Content drives leads.

The number one goal of content marketing is to create new search engine leads and convert them to profit. Companies that have an active blog report 97% more leads than companies without one.

Both the company and reader benefit.

Instead of preaching to customers about benefits, you’re educating them. By provide content of value to your customers, they are more likely to learn about your business and become a long term customer.

As a SME owner, it might be out of your capacity to create an entire website dedicated to content to fuel your business, a simple blog works well. Create content which interests your customer base to help educate them and associating your company as the expert on your industry.

Content fosters user retention.

Compelling content will keep customers coming back for more, creating long term relationship. As well as turning to traditional news sources, customers will be start to look to your brand for advice and information on your area of expertise.

Content fosters loyalty.

This is because it can help build trust with consumers. Loyalty can equal more sales. Content is a great way of spreading word about your business, which the most loyal customers can help facilitate.

When generating your content, tap into what your customers desire. This helps to build a meaningful relationship. Whole Foods offers healthy recipes, and Home Depot gives home improvement ideas via how-to videos, photos and blog posts.

Content increases visibility.

Using a variety of platforms is going to increase brand awareness and visibility. Create content for your website to lure in. Then branch out to social media, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other blogs and websites where your audience is active.

When you successfully use right platforms and have quality content on each channel, you will be easily seen by your target audience as well as recognized by search engines, which will send more traffic to your company website. Remember also its important to listen to customer feedback in order to continually understand what they want from your company.