Google Adwords Training

2 Hours of Live Training by Leading Industry Expert PLUS 80+ Page Workbook – Only $197

In a crowded advertising world, how does a small business compete with large business in getting their message heard?

Most business owners believe this task is getting harder!

But that is not true…

New technology and the world of online marketing has enabled everyday business to compete on equal grounds with big business – if they know how, and if they learn the skill set required.

Those who are embracing these new technologies are now reaping the rewards and those who aren’t , are quickly falling behind.

The Good News

Google advertising (otherwise known as PPC, Pay Per Click or Google Adwords) can be done by yourself, or your team, at a fraction of the cost of using ‘internet professionals’ and learning how is only 2 hours of training and a small investment of $197 away.

Within a day, you too could be reaping the rich rewards of a successful advertising campaign using Google Adwords.

Three easy steps to get started!

  1. Email Us Now requesting a copy of Mastering Google Advertising
  2. We’ll email you an invoice for the amount of the training package ($197), which may be paid online via PayPal or credit card.
  3. Immediately upon receipt of your payment, we’ll invite you to a shared Dropbox, from which the video files and workbooks may be downloaded!

2 Hours of Live Video Training – Comes with 80+ Page Workbook (only $197)

What People Have Been Saying

“David is a master trainer who breaks down the complicated and jargoned online terminology into everyday language that I can easily relate to” Robert – Marketing Manager Mitre 10 Blacktown

“…we are now in full control of our Google Adwords endeavours and are seeing a marked increase in results for doing so” Guy Ogier Marketing Manager Ord Minnett