Lecture Events

Hire a conference center or seminar room, and then invite a well-known speaker who has the capacity to talk about issues that are related to your business or service. Afterwards, hold a reception that gives you the event organizer the opportunity to network with customers and prospects, and gives those attending your event, the chance to talk about the ideas generated at the event. This could help you gain new business through customers you have met through the event.

Fundraising Events

Raising money for a charity that’s connected to your business is an excellent way to generate positive feelings about your brand. Customers are generally more willing to buy tickets when they know it’s for a worthy cause. Also giving the impression that you’re not solely focused on business, but you’re trying to help people.

Adventure Events

Other possible events you could do; organizer a 5K hike in a local city park or rock climbing. These events would be completed under the sponsorship of your business. This again would give potential customers a chance to get to know you in an environment that has nothing to do with business.

Networking Events

The value of networking is obvious, and these types of events can be both beneficial for you and your customers. Having a cocktail hour at your conference event or at a local wine bar will again allow you the chance to mingle among yours customers who may specialize in your own chosen field and other related fields. In addition it can make your brand stand out from the rest.