People enjoy learning new things, and who better to teach them than professionals at your conference event.

Take into consideration what your event plans to offer for new clients. You want to get a high amount of customers through your doors; well you need to be creative to do so. Consider what knowledge, skills and understanding could possibly benefit your client base. Get this right and the sky is the limit, there will be plenty of new customers wanting to go to your next event.

Interactive Events

Customers want to interact with products and therefore get to know your speakers as well as you the event’s organizer; such events provide customers the chance to do this. You could set up hands-on stations where the customers are able to see how things work. Example a video editing company lets customers edit clips onsite, letting them see how the process works and why it could be helpful to them.

Travel Events

Organizing a trip for your customers, could be a good way to increase the amount of customers you get at your next event. It does not need to be far away, make it in close proximity to your event. This lets your customers get out of their daily routine. In addition it gives your customers the opportunity to explore your products and services in a unique setting.

Furthermore you could book a weekend trip to a retreat center and then organize your days around customer interactions, product demonstrations and activities.

Just For Fun Events

Not all events need to related straight to your products or services that you offer; some can just be for fun. This is a good way to build personal relationship with your customers. If you’re able to build a friendship with your customers, they are more willing to want to come to your next event.

To build the relationship between yourself and your customers, you could organize a fun family day in your parking lot outside your venue. This can included activities such as inflatable bouncy castles and other fun games; you can invite your customers to bring their family for the day. This can help people relax and also create a good vibe around your brand.

Yes there is the initial startup cost of paying for such a day, however the long term gains can be extremely beneficial due to the high volume of customers who may come to your next event.