Keynote or motivational speakers’ prices can be very different depending on their experience and how long they are speaking at the conference or event.

The majority of professional speakers (non-celebrities) prices range from $1,500 to about $30,000 for an event.

It is important to take into consideration what you’re hoping to gain from a keynote speaker before hiring.

It was reported by Global Speaker that many professional speakers charge around $2,500 to $7,500 for a 90-minute presentation and breakout sessions, which are usually smaller and a more intensive discussions held at a conference.

However celebrities and skilled authors often charge up to $50,000 or sometimes more to speak at an event.

What are you getting for your money?

A keynote speaker will convey the initial message at a conference. Furthermore a keynote speaker will set the stage for the rest of the event and has the ability to communicate creative ideas through a vibrant delivery in order to teach and arouse conference attendees.

In addition by hiring a keynote speaker; they may also be available to lead workshops or, interacting with conference attendees on a more personal level. Therefore you are getting your money’s worth by hiring a keynote speaker

What is the cost of shopping for a keynote speaker?

A speaker’s bureau is a good resource for choosing and hiring a keynote speaker. These organizations keep relationships with a variety of speakers.

They will secure negotiating contracts on the clients behalf. Normally there will not be any extra cost to a client who purchases or books a speaker through a speaker’s bureau.

This is because the speaker will pay a fee to the bureau for the referral.