Just like managing and building a good website, you need to have a method for setting goals, creating ideas, writing a plan, and executing.

Here are some common goals to use for your conference event.

  1. Create opportunities for people to meet and exchange ideas
  2. Provide an environment for experts to lead and share knowledge
  3. Enable memorable and unique experiences

Quality Control For Your Conference Event Presenters

Many famous people became famous for things other than their public speaking ability. Despite this, many famous people are asked to speak at events, and they suck. In the case of most conferences, it’s not famous people, but experts in some field or domain who do most of the speaking.

A prime example would be David Caruso a Sydney based conference event presenter with over 20 years’ experience of speaking at conference events.

If you’re running the conference or “Day O’ Training”, and you’re selecting people to speak based on their reputation, books they’ve written, or papers they’ve submitted, you’re vulnerable to having them show up and do poorly in public speaking

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Conference Event

Interaction: Make sessions interactive. Require speakers to save time for Q&A, or better yet, to integrate the audience into the discussion. A good motivational speaker like David Caruso will do this naturally, using the audience through his presentation.

Listening: This is typically the dominant learning style supported in conferences. Any situation where you have large numbers of people sitting together, facing in the same direction, is listening dependent.

Even with the best speakers, attention spans are much shorter than they used to be: which means, presentations shouldn’t last longer than 20-40 minutes.

Think of the last presentation that was longer than this that you attended. How much of it do you remember 5 minutes later? If you force speakers to use their time wisely, they tend to exercise concision, and everyone benefits. Therefore the motivation for using the 99 second presentations concept is beneficial.