You need to go public

Even the most experienced event organizers will find it difficult to land new event attendees without live exposure.

This can include public participation through media appearances and industry events. You might think it is tough to land a spot on a radio or television show.

Aim if you can to become a resident expert on event planning and you may thus become a regular on the airwaves.

For this to happen it’s all about people skills, building a relationship with producers will go a long way to how successful you will become within the broadcast industry.

Helping People in Need

Giving your time to well-meaning causes can open up many new opportunities in regards to finding new clients for your own events. A considerable amount of non-profit originations would greatly appreciate having the knowledge and expertise of an event planner available to help.

You don’t have to commit to actually running the event, however there are still many ways you would be able to have a positive influence on such an event.

Your responsibilities could be dealing with marketing materials; tasks such as these can give you exposure and therefore allow you to network with others. Furthermore a large majority of non-profit advisors and committees are usually staffed by business leaders and local dignitaries. They will have connections that can drive a large amount of leads to your business.

Refresh Existing Customers

On occasion we can become over focused on landing new customers. As a result we can forget about the existing customers we already have in our contact lists.

Go through your Facebook contacts and ponder for a second, does each person on this list know what I am currently doing for a living?

Clearly you want to gain new customers who are unaware of what you’re doing workwise; therefore you need to update these people on your current career path. In addition you should try to contact everyone you haven’t spoken to for a long time. Let them know what projects you have been working on.