David Caruso professional business seminar speaker tells a story of a gentleman he knows who hosts business conference events.

He has an extremely high ranking in Google due to his SEO efforts. When David asked; “How many of the people who use your services come back for a second helping?”

The answer was almost none of them!!!

This gentleman is one of the lucky ones. He is in high demand.

However according to David Caruso for most people working within the events business world, this would prove deadly!! In fact for the majority of business event seminar organisers it would put many out of business.

It is best business practice, when one does a seminar or an event, that he/she is conscious of doing a great job, so that people will therefore come back for more.

Things You Should Do To Get People To Come Back  To Your Next Business Seminar

Do the following at your next event to increase and maintain the customers you get

1.    Provide high quality content.

It may sound simple, but it is highly effective.

The problem with most people who organize events is they are too preoccupied with trying to sell their next event. As a result, there workshops and seminars turn into a sales presentation for their next event.

This can be considered ill-advised would be a dramatic understatement.

Of course you want 100% of the people who attend your event to come back to the next event and every other subsequent event that you hold.

Therefore it is paramount that you deliver on the promises you make at your event. If you do this, everything will fall neatly into place.

In addition be approachable to those people who attend your next event.

By being friendly and on hand to answer any questions your customers may have, it would make them more likely to want to sign up for your next event.