business marketing“It’s not personal – it’s business.”

Is a statement you might have heard before in the cut throat world of ‘business’.

In the world of business this statement might ring true when it comes to business deals, but in the realms of business marketing, the opposite is the case!

In 2014, a popular and main stream marketing channel is Social, and social means personal, or in your business environment – personnel.

Luring customers in and keeping them, requires thinking about the social aspects which can give your website a way to connect and increase customer loyalty.

Here are a couple of things to consider when getting your personnel to start making personal connections through your marketing and social media endeavours:-

Business Marketing:- Blogging

Blogging has been popular for many years, and has established itself as a solid platform of new media.

The purpose of your in-site blog is to primarily connect with your target market.

Business marketing blogs are successful because they give visitors the opportunity to comment and encourage discussion giving you the chance to share your knowledge, not a long sales pitch on a new product or service.

Blogs don’t necessarily have to be 1,000-word posts full of video and photos, it only needs to connect with your customers.

If you sell different types of fashion or home products, you have the opportunity to explain to your readers how to get more from your products. If your in the service industry, discover ways to teach your audience or debate industry trends that will affect their businesses.

To really take your site social, you will endeavour to integrate your blog feeds on other pages of your website based on subject matter. This will give your visitors more value and show your commitment to caring for your clients.

Business Marketing: – Are You Using Website Widgets Effectively?

Blogging can take up a lot of your time, and if you’re not prepared to take this plunge, then look for other options like widgets. A website widget is a mini-application that can be embedded into your website.

Widgets can deliver information from other services that give you the ability to connect with your customers.

When selling a product or service, you can find a widget that will help you stand out from the crowd.

If you’re already using social media to connect with your customers, then add the widget to your website. These widgets will feed your recent tweets or other posts to your website. This will show potential new clients and existing clients that you are active and open for business.

Business Marketing: -Video

We live in a fast paced, globalised and technology burdened world.

Business-to-business and business-to-consumer people like to know who they are working with or buying from. A Video Blog is a way to give your site that added touch of class. In the same way that written blogs above, your videos needs to have value for your customers eyes.

An idea is taking your customers’ FAQ and provide video answers and tutorials.

This will cut down on buyer remorse and shopping cart abandonment. Remember the key to successful video clip is getting to the point and only dealing with one question at a time.

Stay focused.

There are many other avenues in which you can connect with your clients on your website.

Find the ones that work for you and demonstrate to your visitors you’re not afraid of getting personal. After all, it’s the personal details that keep customers coming back again and again.