How to attract more attendees to your next event

When deliberating on how to attract potential customers to your next event, if your event is focusing on business then the chances are a company will be making the decision is not an individual.

Therefore it is critical that the boss of the company is convinced that sending members of their staff to your next event is going to be worthwhile for their company.

In this instances make it easy for those attending your event to be able to convince their boss by providing him/her with 3 or 4 benefits that will be gained if they attend your event.

  • It’s simple if a boss thinks one of their employees is going to gain new knowledge that will subsequently improve his/her overall effectiveness within the company, the boss will be more than willing to let someone go to your event.
  • If a customer can make connections at your event which will consequently bring business to the company he/she works at, the boss would again allow one of their employees to go.
  • In addition if staff members who are coming to your event are learning new skills, their boss would rather not have to hire someone new, who would have to be trained over a period of time.

Having existing employees who are already trained and are now learning new skills is more cost effective.

It may sound simple but according to Dave Caruso a leading event’s organiser suggested “communicate to customers what they are going to learn during the conference event”.

Furthermore in larger companies where it is common for the human resource department to choose which employees should go to a conference, they will typically look at what their employees will learn from the event.

It would be a good idea to communicate this information through the conference agenda or schedule.

The schedules should show the sessions and the talks that are planned for the upcoming conference event and most importantly who are the speakers who will be presenting at your event.