It is common for people who have attended more than one business breakfast event to have left early at least once.

They may have been bored. People leaving early, or cutting out of sessions is an indicator of a problem with the speaker. It means that something unique and hard to miss isn’t happening.

Innovative Presentation Strategy For Your Business Breakfast Speakers

To break up the monotony of presentations you could use the concept called 99 second presentations. People speak at the business breakfast for 99 seconds. This can have two main effects.

It draws people to a business breakfast event

Firstly, people are drawn to a different event style that they have never heard of before, and since it sounds like a potential disaster, many people came to watch.

Second, there are lots of smart knowledgeable people who don’t have the interest or time to make 45 minute presentations. But a 99 second presentation everyone has time for.

In using this concept in your business breakfast, the audience will hear around 20 or 30 different short speeches in an hour. If one speech is boring, they won’t have to wait long for it to end.

On the other hand, if they heard something interesting, they knew the name of the person that spoke, they can be invited to follow up with them and actually have a conversation and learn in a more social way.

The 99 second format was first used in America and was very successful with large numbers of people attending the business breakfasts. In addition to achieving high review marks, indicates that this type of session can be successful.

As a result event organisers may think about using this type of format when deciding on how to get more sign ups to their next business breakfast event.