As conference and event season gets into full swing, the following article will take into consideration the most successful practices that can be used to increase the amount of customers that attend your next conference event.

Use Twitter To Get Bums On Seats

The first stage to any successful conference is to get the customers through the doors.

Therefore you should consider the use of “Twitter”.

Reason being; Twitter has so many possible uses for businesses looking to promote themselves on the web, and for event organizers, it can therefore provide a direct line of communication to possible new customers.

However by using Twitter for your event marketing to identify hashtags and existing conversations which are relevant to you and then engaging with those people.

Furthermore David Caruso stated for his own conference events, over the past few years he has drawn on social media to increase the amount of customers he gets.

Start Blogging, Get Your Conference Event Found On Search Engines

With word of your conference event now in full swing, its paramount that your event is easily founds on search engines. According to David Caruso professional conference event speaker “marketing of your event goes a long way to how successful your event is going to be

Please make sure your website is well optimised for your key terms is necessary, so assuming you’ve done that, blogging is really valuable.

Consider how best you can market your conference event through your blog. Example updates on confirmed speakers always goes down well, as do confirmations on venues and timings.

Don’t be afraid to get more innovative! Film the event, the event organizer can answer questions about the event.

Example of possible questions, “What speakers will be talking at the event”?

Having photos of the actual venue and the layout is also important? You could also interview customers before and after the event, get their opinions; this is great way to collect feedback.

David Caruso professional conference event speaker, “If you implement the ideas put forward within this article you will go a long way to making your upcoming event a successful one”.