What’s A Webinar?

What's A Webinar?

This is what an attendee would see at a webinar

What’s A Webinar? – The Common Question Posed By A Number Of Business Owners

If you are new to the whole world webinars, asking the question “whats a webinar?” is quite understandable.

The term webinar is the term used for a online seminar or online workshop.

Here is a brief overview to explain what a webinar is all about.

The online seminar or online workshop is viewed by an audience in real time over the web and in the comfort and convenience of their home or office.

When registering in to attend a webinar – you will receive specific instructions on how to attend on the day and the website address to visit to access the live event.

A webinar uses a range of interactive tools such as polling/voting, chat and a ‘hand raising’ feature to indicate that you have a question or comment. You are able to interact with the presenter like in a normal real life event.

In the comfort of your home or office you will see information on your computer screen and hear the presenter and other participants through your computer. It will look something like the screen to the side of this post:


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Whats a Webinar – By David Caruso