Looking For The Premier Motivational Speaker For Your Podgorica Event?

Podgorica motivational speaker

For the last 10 years, David Caruso has been a business motivational speaker at Podgorica business seminars, Podgorica business events, inspiring Podgorica companies and business owners to triumph in business.

Because David is a professional motivational speaker, you don’t have to have apprehension about the quality of material being shared at your Podgorica event.

Their post-workshop feedback forms rated David’s presentation at the very top end of the scale and for all the right reasons: his deep understanding of their business needs, his expertise in applying marketing techniques such as blogging and digital marketing to help drive sales, and his friendly, interactive and humorous style.

I would not hesitate to work with David again, and in fact I’m actively looking to make that happen.

Stephen De Kalb
Business Enterprise Centre

You can not gamble on the motivational speaker for your Podgorica event not to be first-rate!

David’s presentations on business and marketing are often among the best rated sessions at multiple speaker events. David uses his real world business understanding and lessons learnt advising leading businesses to share current business and marketing concepts.

Labelled as creative, compelling, engaging, visionary, funny, and actionable, David’s motivational keynote will resonate right through the ranks of any audience large or small.

He can create a customized presentation for your Podgorica audience.

The Premier Podgorica motivational speaker

David Caruso is recognised as one of the top motivational speakers and trainers. He has been featured in popular business, marketing and online news publications worldwide.

David knows how to share actionable tips for businesses and organization’s that are looking to improve and succeed in a fiercely competitive industry.

If you would like to invite David as a motivational speaker or trainer for your Podgorica event, contact us today.

David guarantees he will entertain and educate your Podgorica audience with real world stories, case studies, and business examples that will keep your audience engaged and entertained.




Podgorica (/?p?d??r?ts?/ POD-gorr-ee-ts?;[2]Montenegrin Cyrillic: ?????????; pronounced [p?d?orit?sa], lit. “[area] under the small hill”) is the capital and largest city of Montenegro. The city was also called Titograd (Montenegrin Cyrillic: ????????, [tîto?ra?d] ) between 1946 and 1992 when Montenegro was part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY).

Podgorica’s favourable position at the confluence of the Ribnica and Mora?a rivers and the meeting point of the fertile Zeta Plain and Bjelopavli?i Valley has encouraged settlement. The city is close to winter ski centres in the north and seaside resorts on the Adriatic Sea.